A Quest With Color

The man and I are starting our brief build-out next month and I have color on the brain. I work with the incredible collection of Farrow & Ball colors each and every day and can tell you 100% what I think you should paint your house. So why is this question of color on my brain? Because I'm an indecisive tard that can't commit, that's why.

Our inspiration for our built-ins in the living room look something like this minus the amazing high ceilings:

Pereira Associates via Lonny Magazine

I love the blue tones of the built-ins but don't think I can commit. This is by no means our forever home and we will probably only be in the house for another five years or so. Would people buy blue? I'm not so convinced. I do, however love the duo-tone of the built ins and can absolutely hop on board that choo choo train.

I'm thinking about the color scheme on these doors...

Steven Gambrel

Those doors are pretty killer. 

I will probably use Pavilion Gray or Lamp Room Gray as the base color.

Pavilion Gray

Lamp Room Gray

These are gross representations of what the colors really looks like. Come into Boxwood and pick up a color card for real color representation.

Then the highlight color would either be Cornforth White or Strong White.

Cornforth White

Strong White

Again, not accurate depictions.

Whatever lighter color I choose, either Cornforth or Strong White, will become my ceiling and wall color. Except, my ceiling will be flossy and glossy like this girl:

Eric Hyman and Max Mutchnick for Elle Decor

Since our space is itty bitty, teeny weeny, it will really help reflect the little natural light we get in the space.

So, there it is. Are you going to think I'm a huge LOOZ for following the white/gray brick road? Or will you be all, "whoa, Lauren, you're supes cool for that glossy ceiling and duo-tone built-in sitch!" Please say the latter.