A Pink Rebuttal

I'm sure some of you are familiar with my harsh stance on the color pink from last year. Well, I'm here to say that my opinion has changed. EGHAST! I think it's kind of like when your taste buds changed. But my brain tastes changed. Mostly just in the form of a particular hue of pink, blush. What transformed this harsh criticism of the girliest of girly colors? Blush wedding gowns, that's what.



When I stepped into these two lovelies, my heart pitter pattered and I began to think, pink ain't so bad. And I look gooooood. I ultimately decided against both of these gowns and opted for ivory even though my gown does come in blush. Too bold a move for this deep rooted traditionalist.

I have, however decided to incorporate the gorgeous hue into other aspects of the day.

Pam Scott

Elizabeth Messina


Sheri Bodell
Am I a huge hypocrite? Would you be way braver than me and wear a blush wedding gown? I'm kind of jelly of you if you're that cool.