Legends of the Mirrored Tile Fairy

As a self-prescribed interiors addict, I spend much of my time dreaming up improvements of existing spaces in my life. Mainly, the man's house. You remember the "playhouse"? Well, I haven't been playing in it all that much because let's face it, a bachelor pad is a bachelor pad no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig (joking. it's a really great house). Of course that doesn't mean I can't dream a wishful dream for what I think the kitchen needs to look like. And since I'm just dreaming wishful dreams, the kitchen calls for a complete gut job from floor to ceiling. Dreams don't require budgets. Dreams are kind of awesome like that.

The actual space we're working with is quite small (like every 1950's home in the neighborhood) and shares the home's only dining area. When I first stumbled upon this kitchen in Lonny I did a double take. I could not for the life of me decide if the backsplash was a mirror or opened up into another room. "GENIUS" I thought. Maximum expansion opportunities. "GENIUS" I thought again. Certainly a mirrored backsplash would be more affordable than pricey tile. "GENIUS" I thought the last time. Even easier for install since thrifty 20-somethings would certainly skip on professional install and do-it-ourselves. You can't mess up since it's already cut for you!

Lonny - Ethan Feirstein & Ari Heckman

At that point it was branded in my brain that the playhouse would have a mirrored backsplash. Then I did a bit more research only to solidify that decision even more...

House of Turquoise

Apartment Therapy

These mirrored penny tiles are beautiful and add nice texture but go against my lust for easy install and cheap materials. CURSES!

Thomas O'Brien

The more and more I thought about the idea the more and more I loved it. At Boxwood, we have an antiqued mirrored check out counter and I then decided that not only would the backsplash be mirrored, but antiqued too. Textured, vintagey, even better.

But then Ann Sacks ruined me forever. Ruined everything holy and gorgeous going on in my brain particles. I STUPIDLY bought the latest issue of Veranda and stumbled upon these:

Ann Sacks - Visage

Yes, the CRUEL woman had to go and marry my love of antiqued mirror with my love of subway tiles. Why, Ann?! WHY?! Why would you tempt someone who is so easily tempted?! Would you walk into an AA meeting with happy hour coupons? Well, would you?!

Outsourcing the installation, pricier than sheets of mirror, and GORGEOUS. So gorgeous that I want to just by one tile and sleep with it under my pillow hoping the tile fairy would multiply my offering and bring me enough square footage for not only the playhouse's kitchen, but your kitchen too! I'll let you know how that goes.