So after a full day of work last Friday (might I remind you of my AMAZING job here) of fluffing and zhushing one of our sweet client's bookshelves I had a severe urge to run home and refluff my own bookshelves. Yes, I stayed home on a Friday night by myself with my books, knick knacks and magazines. And they whispered sweet nothings to me. Lonely? Psh.

I spent the night re-color coordinating my books. Because what is the definition of joy without a little "color coding"?

I also spent my lonely and quiet night playing with height.

And stealing random items from around my house to incorporate to the overall bookshelf ensemble.

There are lots of tricks and tips when it comes to organizing bookshelves. One of the biggest tips is to remove all of the book covers from your hardcovers. 99% of the time the hardcover of the books will be more beautiful and pure than the flimsy paper covers that typically end up wrinkling and looking ratty. TRUST ME. I have all of mine stored in a paper bag back in a closet somewhere just in case I feel the need to pull them out one day. I'll most certainly chunk them in a fit of cleaning frenzy in a year or two.

Another necessity is layering objects within the shelves.

Pictures and magazines...

Plates and shells...

When committing to reinventing your bookshelves, go "shopping" around your house and grab items that you love that will add color and texture to the overall look. You will be shocked at the amount of stuff you already have in your home that will look stupendous in your bookshelves. No need to really go shopping for them. That is, until you pull everything from around your house and leave the rest of your place looking like a bare naked lady. My digs be looking nakey these days.

Like really nakey.

But the moral of the story is that bookshelves look professional when they're full and layered. The rest of your house will just have to deal with the jealousy.