Then & Now: A Piece of Toast

Lady and man friends. I have a new and exciting guest post series that I plan on delighting you with. I asked some super duper talented blogger friends to entrance [en trans, not en truh ns] you with how their design style has changed over the past 5-10 years. They're going to give you a peek into what their past would have looked like and what their present style looks like today. Enjoy the feast with our first lovely and talented friends, Sally and Molly from A Piece of Toast.

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When Lauren asked us to be a part of her guest blogging series "Then and Now" at first it seemed like a daunting task.  How has our taste changed over the past 5-10 years?  Well ten years ago we were awkward, braces-wearing tweens sharing a bedroom with twin beds and watching Dirty Dancing on the reg so we wont go there.  BUT just about five years ago we had moved into our respective college living spaces with a car busting at the seams with new bedding, headboards, and the works.  Most of what you see in the "then" room was actually in our rooms five years ago. (Yes, we did have the exact same headboards and bedding - what can we say, we're sisters).  From the seagrass headboard, to the Cath Kidston bedding, and grosgrain ribbon pillow (made for us by our mama) could all be seen in our bedrooms five years ago.  Our taste was very colorful and youthful - we were dying for a break from the pale colors that we had grown up with in our bedroom at home.


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But now that we are both college graduates and twenty-somethings working and living on our own, our tastes have changed.  We grew up from the bright prints of five years ago into textured neutrals with color pops in art work and accents.  We both love the look of neutral bedding bursting with different fabrics and textures, but still enjoy a fun, colored throw pillow as a cherry on top.

The great thing about our seagrass headboards from college is that they look just as amazing with neutrals as they did with the bright colors of our college years.  To say that our tastes have changed and grown up with us over the years would be an understatement.  We still live for color in our lives and can rarely ever be seen in a neutral work outfit, but have found new ways to incorporate it into our bedrooms and mix it in with neutrals for a cozy retreat.   

A big thank you to our blog sista, Lauren, for including us in this series.  We are beyond obsessed with Lauren and her blog (and Watson, too, duhh).  And know that if we ever need a good laugh (mixed with an amazing sense of style) to head right on over to her blog.  Her sense of humor in her writing never ceases to have us chuckling under our breaths when we should be working.

Much love to Sally and Molly for their amazing room creations!  xo, Lauren