Banishing the Bachelor

Remember here when I was certifiably insane and I thought I would have say in the decor of my dear manfriend's home? 

Photo courtesy of the previous owners who thankfully (for Will) took the pink pillows with them.

What was I expecting? Well, obviously to be able to have free reign on all color choices, furniture decisions, accessorizing galore. I've totally done all of that. Falsies. Instead, the man has somehow drugged me and convinced me to paint two bedrooms, one ceiling and rip up a tropical monster tree in the backyard that took all weekend. I really had lovely manly visions for his little man home...

masculine bathroom traditional bathroom
John Dransfield & Geoffrey Ross 

Edwina Hunt

Simon Upton

Max Sinsteden

Max Sinsteden

Mark Badgley and James Mischka

See? Tasty and masculine.

Alas, I've given up on "The Playhouse" as I so lovingly called it. Do you know why? DO YOU? Because there is always that one PAINFUL thing staring back at you that you just cannot convince them to get rid of...

Yes, Vigo. Vigo from Ghostbusters II. A HUGE terrifying image of Vigo that does nothing other than haunt my life and disturb my soul. So, you see, I've lost my lust to play in the playhouse. I'll let the man believe that Vigo is a "statement piece" and in the meantime, I'll keep dreaming of what could have been.

PLEASE share what heinous "statement piece" your significant other cherishes. 
Make me feel better.