Well, well, Dwell

Did you hear the word, ladybird? DwellStudio has a fantastic line out for Calico Corners. DwellStudio queen is Christiane Lemieux and she has a knack for nailing the combination of whimsical and contemporary. Dwell's fabrics instantly brighten and enliven any room with graphic punches of happiness.

I came across this special gem during my ritual morning process of deleting anything and everything out of my inbox that will tempt me to spend money. This one was NOT getting deleted. This one was getting researched. And what I found, my friends, was good. It was reaaaal good.

Even better is that Calico Corners is having a sale through March 26th. So, the prices are incredibly affordable. So go get your pillow, comforter, tablecloth, slipcover making on and send me pictures of the end result. This deal is too good to pass up. You're probably actually SAVING money. You're welcome.

If you liked the goodies up top, get your hands on Christiane Lemieux's new book, Undecorate which was released earlier this month. Lemieux urges you to get rid of the stuffy and to infuse your home with the true you. And if you want to save some cash money, buy it on One Kings Lane by signing up HERE. I know I am.