Watson Wednesdays: Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday

Watson has had quite the week. He spent his Saturday sitting on a boat. It was on land but I mean, it's still a boat. And he was king of the world it if that's what you were wondering.

I got a "new" car with leather that he hasn't quite gotten accustomed to. He seems a bit concerned that he will forever slide across the back seat when I make turns and slam his face in the window. He also seems to think the other car is going to magically come back as he continues to run up to the same make and model in my parking garage and waits patiently to enter. 

Most importantly though, he celebrated his best friend's birthday 5,818 miles away from her. And to honor Jessica, he wanted to remind her of the video he made for her when she moved away from him all those months ago.**

**As much of a genius my canine friend is, he did not compile this video for Jessica. He doesn't have opposable thumbs, people.