Watson Wednesdays: Dog Beds

When you own a dog that is this comfortable on furniture, there isn't much reason to spend money on a dog bed.

However, Watson gets pretty cozy on my John Robshaw quilt which makes me think that's his way of asking for a John Robshaw dog bed for his birthday in July.

One of these John Robshaw beauties would really complement my current bedroom situation. 

But alas, where are the John Robshaw dog beds on the website?! Am I completely incompetent? Are they on there and just I just don't know how to navigate the intranets?! Help!

In other news, Watson is getting a little more comfortable with this whole leather situation. He props his leg out rillllll wide in order to balance during wide turns.

At least he has enough balance to still pull head out the window moves like this:

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!