Returning to Heaven in Milly

It's official. I'm going back to heaven. Heaven was simply spectacular the first time around but I'm expecting it to be even more amazing the second time. Now I'm familiar with heaven. I know where all the delicious eateries are and won't get lost at every turn. Nope, heaven and I are really tight and I'm looking forward to being back with all of the fantastic people I usually see in heaven. Don't remember heaven? I briefly touched on my visit to heaven here. Still don't remember? I'll briefly touch on it again. This is what heaven looks like: 

When heaven looks this good it's only natural that I want to fit the setting, right? So that justifies me purchasing this Milly dress:

More justification: I can wear it to work, green is "my" color (even though you might think it to be navy which this dress also fits the bill), and I want it. So, it's settled. Wrap her up Neiman's. She's coming home with me.