How Do I Have Friends?

Molli (don't kill me), myself and Katie with our gum wrapper "grills" in honor of Lil' Wayne. Horrifying.

Lately I've been really annoying myself. Don't get me wrong, 98.3% of the time I find myself to be extremely amusing and one of the most humorous people I know (you think you're awesome too, don't hide it). But, as of late, I have been really sick of my own company.

Example: I have been saying "Yeaaaayuh" in the form of Lil' Wayne in response to everything that is asked of me. Why? Ew Lauren, you're so annoying. How do you have friends?

As if that wasn't enough to annoy the bajezzus out of myself, this happened...

Two pictures. Back to back. On Facebook. Same content expression sipping on a cocktail. Ew Lauren, that's not cute. How do you have friends?

Someone please tell me that you've had this love/hate relationship with yourself and how I get out of my annoyed funk. I mean, I have to live with myself 24 hours a you ever get annoyed with your owns self? How do I rectify this situation?