Houston, We Have a Problem.

My dearest fan club,

I come to you internetless. Which explains my lack of conversations with you this last week. So here I am desperate and on my iPhone without the slightest idea as how to format this post. So, deal. Hopefully the evil dictators known as AT&T will be coming to fix our little problem today and I will be ready to delight your eyeballs.

In the meanwhile I want to say thanks to all the sweet girls I ran into at a mutual friend's wedding this weekend who said such nice things about my blog diggity. Two things I learned: you like my dog and I need to increase the frequency in which I entertain you with my wit and talent. Noted.

Have a lovely Tuesday. Hope to see you all tonight. If you don't, be looking for me on the news because I'm certain to take out my rage on an unsuspecting AT&T employee by incessantly ramming their van. Howsabout that for entertainment?