Closet Cravings: Leifsdottir

I was recently torturing myself perusing Anthropologie's dresses online (Because who doesn't need a closet full of dresses? Well, heterosexual men obviously but you get my point) when I discovered I was quite infatuated with a few but didn't pay much attention to the designer name. I immediately went on Shop Style to put a sale alert** on one of my favorites and realized ALL of my lusties were Leisfdottir! Those crazy Scandinavians sure have captured my heart and I hope they capture yours.


I actually tried this beauty on at the new Tootsie's in West Ave when manfriend's sweet momma came in for a visit at the beginning of February. I liked it, I loved it, I wanted some more of it. Thankfully I needed a size larger (too many donuts for this blogger lately) and resisted asking for it. It pained me.




Aren't they the cayutest?! I want all of them. But alas, I resist. Will you please buy one, put it on, wear it to a fabulous party with celebrities, take a picture of you in it drinking champagne with Gwyneth Paltrow, and send me an email about how the dress resulted in you meeting Jude Law and now you're engaged to be married? I think then I will be forced to buy one of these dresses for the sheer magicallness they possess. Thanks and goodbye.

**Try to resist making out with me when I tell you this secret. If it's even a secret at all to you. I put sale alerts on EVERYTHING I desire on Shop Style.

Here is my process: 1. Go shopping and resist the urge to hear the plastic of your credit card swipe 2. Go back home wiping away tears and visit 3. Search for the item you so desire 4. Hover over the item until a pop up box shows up 5. Click on "Sale Alert" 6. Type in your email address 7. Wait patiently for the item to go on sale and enjoy a glass (or four) of wine.

I repeat steps 4-6 each time I see the item listed online at multiple retailers on Shop Style. Thus, if multiple retailers sell the item, you'll have better chances that it will go on sale at least at one place. It's also great for price comparing to see if you can get your lustful luxury at another retailer for a lesser price. It's guilt free, really. So, go! GO readers and shop until your little hearts are content!