A Competition for Love -- No, Not The Bachelor

But I did in fact watch The Bachelor on cupid's birthday. And might I mention that it was quite a depressing episode for all of those lonely hearts to view on such a contrived holiday. How could you ABC? Simply insensitive. 

Anywho, manfriend and I decided to do what we do best on the Hallmark holiday and compete. Because, really, what says love more than being able to say "na na na na boo boo I beat you"? Therefore, we had a pizza cook off. The results...

Mine was of the taleggio, prosciutto, pear, arugula, truffle oil and balsamic drizzle variety
His was of the mozzarella, prosciutto (we like cured meats, duh), corn, onion, sweet potato and balsamic glaze variety  
The winner?

Obviously the chocolate covered strawberries.

Manfriend did do a dandy job on his flower selections. I mean, am I lucky or what? No dozen roses here. Man has some serious skills. I have a project in place to recreate those lovely red pokey thingies.

The night wouldn't be complete without a gift exchange. A molecular gastronomy kit. I'm completely terrified and delighted to see what comes out of this little box. Don't know what molecular gastronomy is? Start watching Top Chef. Particularly the episodes that feature the little rat Marcel.

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Don't judge the formatting of this post. It's early and I can't get these stupid frames to work.