Monday Memories

I had lunch today at Ouisie's and realized the last time I was there I was celebrating my sweet friend Elizabeth's nuptials. The restaurant looked amazing and smelled even better. Elizabeth's step-mother, Mimi (HI MIMSICLES!), used to be in the floral industry and she knows what's up. Here's a sampling of what the evening looked like... 

Elizabeth and husband Andrew had a "cheese" cake.
Clever little minxes.

It was a beautiful evening and one I will always remember when I dine at Ouisie's. Do you ever have those flashbacks when you visit certain places? It's memories like these that make Mondays bearable.

I couldn't leave you hanging without a glimpse of the bride. Remember that I posted here about my sweet talented friend and founder of Elizabeth Olliver. Seen here with Ollie man himself. 

Be sure to check out her incredible creations on her website: 

And her dresses are even more beyond. If you can believe.