Spreading Holiday Cheer

I'm sure most of you are completely and utterly nauseated by the amount of Christmas related posts out in the blogosphere as of late and want nothing more than for it to be December 26th so we'll move on to another subject. Well, grab your barf bags because you're not finding refuge at SDL.

Last weekend the manfriend and I had a very holly jolly time and went on Kappa's Holiday Home Pilgrimage for a little design inspiration. The first house we saw had a fantastically manly tree adorned with feathers and other manly accoutrements. I immediately decided that Will would have the manliest tree on the block and my brain started spinning with ideas.

I pranced over to Hobby Lobby (I always forget how magically inexpensive this place is) and beelined it for the "dry goods" section. 

I found wheat (in honor of the man's Kansas upbringing of course), cat tails and plastic like berries.

I also came across loverly feathers and gold swirly doohikie majigs. I was looking for burlap colored wire mesh ribbon but could not for the life of me locate such a product so I settled for TCU purple ribbon in honor of our bid to the Rose Bowl. Whoop whoop! I went to the fabric store and picked up three yards of burlap to wrap at the bottom of the tree so he would be warm and fully dressed.

Of course I spent the whole day shopping for fancy things that we didn't have time to pick up the tree. So I painfully and patiently waited 12 hours until we trekked over to Houston Garden Center when I realized we entered Frasier Fir prison. They were bunched up like little soldiers and I could not for life of me imagine that they would be little healthy trees that could.

So, with the bat of my lashes, we headed over to Pope Tree Lot, where I got my trees as a youngster. Much healthier babes with a lovely scent and as symmetric as they come. Totally worth double the price. Right?

I got to work.

And in a matter of 30 minutes.

The tree was decorated and topped with antlers. I mean, we're in Texas after all.

Watson was exhausted. 

But we watched Elf and everything was better.

I spent the better part of my Friday taking a mental health day from work in exchange for some retail therapy. I was trying to beat the crowds this year and get my shopping done before December 24th. The day proved successful and I even scouted out some nifty gifties for myself!

Who wouldn't need a flying pig and westie piggy bank? I do.

I obviously did some Jonathan Adler damage.

You know, in order to beg for forgiveness from my "boo boo" a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm sorry but this is the most charming lamp to ever exist.

I would love it in a guest bedroom. You know, if I had one.

And what kind of graphic designer would I be if I didn't give props to these Pantone tins. 

I got 92% of my holiday shopping signed, sealed and delivered to my pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree. These might be making there way over to Will's legit tree later today. 

Watson is just so excited for the holiday season and to see his family and friends. He wishes you and yours a merry merry season!