Introducing Elizabeth Olliver

I would like to introduce you all to my beautiful and talented friend Elizabeth. We have been incredibly close friends for the past five years and I have loved getting to experience all of the countless joys in her life.

Um, how beautiful is she? It's just not fair.
She has grown into an amazingly poised and ambitious young woman and has a whole heck of a lot going on in her life right now. She is getting married to a man that someone must have designed just for her because they are just that perfect together. She recently bought a house with her beau and is busy nesting and creating a lovely home for the two of them. And in the midst of all the planning and moving, she has passionately built an incredibly ridiculously ridonky fashion line. 

I helped her name her darling line. ;)
Elizabeth was previously with Donna Karan Collection and worked in the fabric department in NYC. As a member of the design team, she developed a sharp eye for finery and detail. Craving a label to call her own, my dearest buddy bud branched off and gave birth to Elizabeth Olliver

The line was launched to outfit the modern woman trying to do it all and see it all in the perfect little black dress. I can guarantee you that these dresses will last you forever and a day if they found a home in your dressing closet. Go buy all of them. Now.

As if I wasn't thrilled about the launch of the line as it is, Elizabeth decided to name each dress after her bridesmaids! 


And introducing the amazing dress with my namesake,

Elizabeth, you impress me with everything you have done and will continue to delight me with your ever growing passions and I am beyond proud of you. Congratulations on your beautiful line, it's truly remarkable!

And to those that are interested in owning an Elizabeth Olliver original, visit her website here and save $25 on your pre-order purchase!