Every Monday Needs A Bit 'O Bubbly

I am incredibly blessed that my mom decided last year to make San Francisco her permanent area of residence. You can imagine my excitement come the insufferable Augusts in Texas that I've grown to hate. What perfect place to escape than wine country and the Bay Area? I don't think a better retreat could exist. I've actually been to San Francisco (and wine country for that matter) for the past three legal drinking age Augusts of my life. It's a tradition I can definitely become accustomed to. So, this past weekend I decided without much hesitation to visit dear (not so) ole' mom with a childhood friend of mine while I hoped and prayed it would magically turn 75 degrees in Texas while I was gone. While the whole weather thing didn't seem to work out, luck was on my side and I had a wonderful weekend full of Napa's finest, Schramsberg sparkling wine!

"Eghast!" you say, "Sparkling wine is merely champagne that can't be called champagne because it's not from the champagne region of France and is therefore not as splendid." Shame on you. How dare you insult the land of the free's fruit! If you haven't had Schramsberg sparkling wine then you simply don't know what you're talking about. I'm here to teach you.

Sad empty glasses at the beginning of the tasting at Schramsberg.

I've been to Schramsberg twice and my appreciation for their wines continues to grow since my first visit two years ago. I learn something new every time I visit and love the story of the vineyard as much as I love the wines themselves. Did you know that every President since Nixon has served Schramsberg and that Schramsberg was made famous when it was served at the "Toast to Peace" in Beijing? Well now you do.

Halfway through, trying to savor the moment

Somehow they're empty again. Such a pity.

Their sparkling wines are crisp, light and refreshing with lingering butteriness. Mmmm. Since that sounds almost impossible to resist, I didn't. At all. The entire weekend. I had a spot of bubbles every time I sat down to a table I believe and I didn't regret it in the least.

Casks from Schram's era that Jamie Davies won back in a game of poker

Riddling! Process used to get the active yeast down into the opening of the bottle so it can be removed

If you're ever in the Napa Valley area, "hop" (their mascot is a frog, and I'm a clearly a loser) on over to Schramsberg and enjoy all their bubbliness. Visit their website here.

What goes better with an ahi tuna burger...

...or a chocolate bouchon from Bouchon Bakery than...

...Schramsberg? Nothing, of course. Cheers!

And one last thing to note. There was a casualty on my trip. My camera decided it had captured enough amazingness in it's lifetime and went to camera heaven. I'm not really sure why it decided to die when it did. Maybe because I was on a Go Car tour ride from hell, maybe not. Either way, my posts might be a little unphotographed or iPhone quality for a while. Any suggestions on a new camera?

Wishing you happy and bubbly pours,