All For Abolishing August

Why does August exist? Nobody even likes it. Kids hate it. They have to go back to school. Adults hate it. They burn their backsides on sweltering car leather. Old people hate it. Well, just because everyone else does. Who else hates it? Watson, that's who. Poor pooch hasn't seen the dog park in a coons age! Can't risk canine heat exhaustion. Too risky with a furry friend with a fro like his. Plus, he gets a really foul hair cut every summer that leaves him looking more like a small unicorn sans horn.

Pictures taken January 2010, prime fro month

Yes, we can't wait for September to get here so Watson can grow out his lovely locks and start to look like a wookiee from Star Wars again. I personally think it's his best look. And we all know a wookiee could totally destroy a unicorn in a beauty competition.

Watson is kissing August and his unicorn looks goodbye! And you too, of course.