Watson Wednesday

This Watson Wednesday comes to you with a bit of excitement. Watson has fractured his upper left canine tooth by most likely chomping on a bone. In other words, he done messed up his grill.

The tooth in question

I didn't think this was a huge issue because he's been eating, drinking, and playing per usual. I called my vet just to check and they told me to come in immediately. Yikes! They recommended him getting his tooth extracted or giving him a root canal. Excuse moi?! Those two procedures range from $950 to $1,650. That was more expensive than getting my wisdom teeth removed! This pound puppy has definitely made up for being so cheap the day of his adoption.

Who would want to mess up this smile?

I couldn't help but think that his sweet little smile would be altered but I couldn't bear the idea of paying $1,650 to have a cap put on his tooth. Nor could I bear the idea that he would have another bad reaction to the anesthesia (poor Bubbas) and cost me even more money on a visit to the emergency vet. An even worse thought was that I had cursed him after calling him "Bubbas" all these years. That after he got his tooth pulled, he would actually be a "Bubba" trailer park dog. I just couldn't have that.

A few months back I noticed that Dr. Wilkie was now at Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital. She was formerly with my current vet and unexpectedly left without a trace. She had taken care of my childhood animals and was always so kind and knowledgeable. I was happy to see she was only a block away from my apartment! Upon hearing the ghastly news that I was going to have to pay a hefty lot and that he would have to be put under, I wanted a second opinion.

I went over to visit Dr. Wilkie today during lunch and she gave me wonderful news. She said there is a likely chance the tooth will heal on it's own and there won't be a need for a tooth extraction! Horray! Not only am I happy to save the money, but I'm thrilled the little guy won't be in any pain. I was so happy to reunite with Dr. Wilkie and would recommend her to anyone. Watson is now officially moving his vet of choice to the Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital. He's not complaining since they gave him two treats and some scratches.

Things are back to normal and he's resting up after his exciting day of being poked and prodded. He must have felt especially normal because he ate an entire loaf of my ciabatta bread. Joy. What a coincidence this all occured on a Watson Wednesday. Hope next Wednesday isn't nearly as exciting.