The (Not So) Secret is Revealed

Hello world. I come to you today to reveal a (not so) secret. I also come to you wearing KU basketball shorts with an ice pack in my lap. Let's get that story out of the way before I reveal the (not so) secret.

I went and picked up some wonton soup and special fried rice from Cafe Chino and headed over to Will's apartment. Happy as a clam, I was slurping my scolding hot soup when my brain-dead boyfriend decided to pick up the sofa I was sitting on to plug in his computer. You can imagine where the soup ended up. Yes, my friends, in my lap. Looks like a sunburn but it's a soupburn.

Now, my usual melodramatic self would have exaggerated the scream and pulled an exorcistic head rotation BUT this was a legit yelp for help. Will knows it too. He admitted he had never heard me scream like that before. Victory.

Now, my usual grudge holding self would milk this for all it's worth and that's exactly what I'm going to do. It's not very often that your boyfriend burns you. I mean, this could potentially affect the way I walk down the aisle at Jessica's wedding on Saturday and would be something she remembers for her whole life! That's not the melodramatic side of me coming out either. It's just me being a good friend.

I think I will propose NOT helping him paint his house on Monday. AH! The (not so) secret has been revealed!!

Will (hereto referred to as lap burner) closed on his house today over lunch!! It's a really precious little ranch style house in Larchmont where all the cool kids are living these days. Lap burner is really excited and will be moving in with two "bud-dehs" (also known as buddies) and will create what is surely to be a man cave that I will be expected to clean. Joking. We all know I will volunteer to vacuum on a weekly basis because I am seriously deranged.

Anywho, lap burner and I have a lot of fun projects in mind and I will be featuring the little house's transformation every once in a while for my own amusement.

So there it is. The not so secret. Not so secret, is it? I know most of you knew this was coming. Hopefully I'll have something more climactic to keep you coming back for more Semi-Designed Life next time.

Just enjoyed my tasty fortune cookie because I couldn't stand to look at the soup anymore. My fortune? "Good luck is the result of good planning." Gosh. It's like the fortune cookie writers know me or something. I've been trying to tell Will that for years! Ironic since that's exactly what I'm going to do tonight. Plan.

Plan for the very busy and exciting weekend I have ahead of me. Attend (and bawl hysterically) Jessica and Taylor's wedding, host Liz's fabulous hat party bridal shower and WATCH lap burner paint his house while I enjoy a fruity cocktail.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! Time to change my ice pack.