A Bangin' Birthday

So, I turned 24 yesterday and plan to turn 24 every year for the next six years. So, obviously this first 24th birthday was an important one to celebrate. I truly had one of the most amazing birthdays I've had in a very long time.

Woke up, walked the pup and checked the mail. I had a birthday card from my momma! What a nice way to start one's birthday celebration! Inside, the most thrilling image I've seen in quite some time...

A picture of the purse I've been obsessing over!! On back order for two months but it will surely be a birthday celebration all over again when it arrives. Thanks momma! I loooooooove it and you!

Practically skipping into work after my exhilarating discovery, I approached my desk and put on an even bigger, brighter smile. My co-workers really went over the top and completely spoiled me rotten. Check out my loot! How could someone have a bad birthday when you feel this loved?! I work with such sweet people!

Rose plant and card from Kristin
Wine, card and gift card from Abril and Brandi
Card, brownies and extra goodie from Anthony, Jon and Graham
Gorgy flowers and card from Traci and Jennifer
Paper goodies (horray!!), pastries (horray!!) and coffee (I was tripping on a caffeine overload) from Crossley. She clearly understands my loves.
Delicious chocolate covered strawberries from bestie for life, Katy (not a co-worker but sent a gift to the office)

I went to lunch with all the work ladies to Escalante's and had a tasty spinach enchilada and enjoyed some serious interior design chatter. Traci is moving soon and is excited to decorate her new place. I'm obviously excited to give her little tips I've learned along the way!

Close up of the beautiful flowers Traci and Jennifer got me. They said my blog inspired them! Thanks girls. Peonies just make me smile.

I came home after work to find Watson dilly dallying around the apartment like he owned the place. My initial fear was that a pair of my shoes or my sofa/pillows were destroyed. I surely thought Jessica had come home and let him out. He couldn't have been out all day, could he?! We don't know if he was ever kenneled yesterday morning or if he pulled a Houdini. Either way, he was a good boy and didn't destroy anything!! This is a serious step forward. This means I might, just MIGHT, be able to uncrate train him and replace his repulsive kennel with a desk! Does this birthday get any better? Yes.

I got a gorgeous necklace in the mail from Will's sweet parents. I can't wait to wear it in Georgia in a few weeks!

Headed over to our new favorite restaurant, Poscol, with Willis and shared a delightful meal and bottle of wine. Poscol is an Italian tapas restaurant and has some serious culinary delights! At the end of the meal, Will leans to one side and pulls a card out of his back pocket and puts this silly little grin on his face and says, "I sat on it". I opened up the wrinkled red envelope and pulled out a really sweet card.

"I'd be lost without you"

I won't bore you with the nice things he said inside the card, but I will show you that I liked it enough to keep on my bedside table. AND it came along with two tickets to see Wicked in July! Absolutely cannot wait. Good work Willzer. Thank you for always making me smile.

Went home after dinner and wrote a handful of thank you notes to all the sweet people who made my birthday so memorable. All in all, I had an incredible birthday and I thank everyone who made a point to make me feel special on my first 24th birthday. I'm so lucky to have such generous and loving people in my life!

Special shout out to my birthday buddy Mackenzie, whose birthday is today. Even though we're a day apart, we're different astrological signs. Which I believe is the reason why we're such buddy buds. Hope you've had an amazing birthday at the beach, Macky!

Stay tuned... something EXTREMELY exciting is happening on Tuesday and will offer a whole host of things to blog about. Don't let the anticipation kill you. Go out and enjoy your weekend already!