A Very Super Sunday, Indeed

The Fab Flea at Urban Market

The Urban Market was this past Sunday and I was very anxious to go for the first time. Wilson (Will+Watson, Will=human companion, Watson=canine companion) and I got a late start around 2:00 but I was happy to have beat the crowd. I disappointingly expected that I had missed my favorite blogger, Joni Webb. I certainly could have lured her over with Watson's good looks and my love of French design. Oh well. Another time.

I went with the goal of finding something to hang over my bed. Not necessarily knowing what that "something" was, I went in with a fairly open mind. I stumbled across the Fab Flea booth, from whom I purchased my coffee table on an exciting spring day in 2009. I perused the goods but was distracted by Wilson meeting a new friend.

I then came across this wonderful little booth in the very back of The Urban Market. I, of course, threw away their card in my weekly purse de-cluttering, but will give them credit once my check is deposited. They're based in Austin and reprint everything on handmade paper. Very friendly to my wallet. And until now, nobody would have ever guessed. Let's try to keep it a secret. If you happen to walk into my room, I will expect you to exclaim, "those look terribly old and important!"

I left with two reprinted french letters. Speak French and read really squiggly handwriting? Want to come stand on my bed and tell me what they say? I'll bake you cookies so long as you take your shoes off before getting on my bed.

Please excuse the wrinkly linens.

As soon as we got home I politely (always) asked Will to hang them above my bed. I'm really enjoying how symmetrical my room is lately. I've always been a big fan of symmetry. Maybe it's the wine that's compelling me to share this story, but what the hell.

When I was little I would go see The Nutcracker every year with my mom around Christmas. I would go get a new dress from The Children's Place and wear some tights I would probably ruin that very day. The one thing I just could NOT stand is when one side of the stage would see more "action" than the other. If one particular act was really heavy on using the right side, I would get very uncomfortable and only hope the next act would pay more attention to the left. Ever since, I've known my life is destined for symmetry.

Soon after Will left, I decided I needed to be a polite guest and bring something to the Super Bowl "party" I was attending with my roommate, Jessica, at our friend Whitney's. I popped open Peace Meals and came across the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe. Oh. My. Gosh. It's a brownie, it's a cookie, it's a brookie! Very quick and easy plus I had all of the ingredients on hand! They were a big hit at work and I'm sure they will be requested to make another appearance in the future.

If you don't own Peace Meals, I suggest you do. Created by the Houston Junior League, Peace Meals has a solution for everything. Two summers ago when discussing career advice with Thomas Hull of Rigsby Hull, Thomas filled me in on the cookbook and I got very excited. It's a beautifully designed cookbook, courtesy of Rigsby Hull, and is full of those recipes you know you'll be cooking the rest of your life.

Watson and Molly

That "party" I mentioned was considered a "party" because it consisted of five girls sitting around, drinking and pretending to pay attention to the game. While we were all very excited to see the Saints win (mostly Drew Brees cry with his baby at the end), we were much more amused by Watson and Molly (Whitney's Cavalier and Watson's girlfriend) snuggle up to each other with a bottle of wine. Party animals.

All in all, Sunday was a super day full of friends, food and antiques. What could be better?