Now that Will and I are officially in the midst of college life, it has me thinking about going back to school myself and obtaining a proper degree in interior design. I took an intro to interior design class my last semester of college and instantly fell in love. I was certain that if I called my parents and told them I wanted to change my major and sign up for another three years of undergrad that I would have been shipped off to a rehabilitation camp. I've dabbled with the idea of going back to school for a few years but always end up getting caught up with the everyday grind of work and life.

I've enrolled in an online course through Parson's School of Design in Basic Interior Space Planning to hone my rendering and scale drawing skills and I'm really enjoying the course so far! Thankfully my parents' engineering blood makes me a whiz with an architect scale. Unfortunately, that same engineering blood makes me painfully perfectionistic and it takes me forever to complete my homework.

While my path may not be to go back to school right now to become a "proper" Interior Designer, I think I'm in pretty good company. I recently came across an article from Domaine listing some very impressive interior Gods and Goddesses who don't have any formal training. And hot dang, if they can do it, so can I!

  Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf

  Martha Angus

Martha Angus

  Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

  Burnham Design

Burnham Design

  Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

  Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

  Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban

Be sure to check out the full article here!

Hello, strangers

It seriously boggles my mind to think that I have not contributed to this "blog" in 750 days. And let me tell you, those 750 days were some big ones.

Like that day I did this...

And that time I moved in with my fiance turned husband and got to make our house a home.


And then there was that time that Will quit his job and we traveled around Southeast Asia for a month.


And then that hard day when we packed up all of our things and left our first home for a new adventure.


Which brings us to our new home, Nashville, where Will is pursuing his MBA full time at Vanderbilt.


And of course, all of these changes lead to the most important thing.


I get to decorate a new house.

I plan on jumping back in and chronicling all of those big leaps and jumps over the past 750 days and sprinkling in posts about interior design and the like. It's so strange to think that this blog was created 14 days off from five years ago. It's even stranger to think about why I started it, who I was, and who I am now. Rereading my past entries makes me giggle. I shared to share but I really had nothing to contribute. I have a lot more to say five years later and hope you'll jump back in with me and stay for a while!

XO, Lauren

Our Engagement Pictures

Considering I teased y'all with peaks of my outfits and never delivered the goods, I thought I would finally share some of our engagement pictures. We really loved how they turned out and ultimately loved the opportunity to spend time at our wedding venue scouting out fun places to shoot pictures. I'll share some basic engagement shoot 101 tips and tricks based on what I learned from the experience.

Timwill Photography

1. Alcohol helps. Seriously. This was post mimosa and I can't tell you how much I detest the pre-mimosa pictures. The last time I had my picture professionally taken was in college when I had to take my sorority president picture. And even then I ended up looking like an awkward turtle. Mostly because I am an awkward turtle.

Timwill Photography

2. Don't be afraid to show that you love each other. But let's keep it church appropriate, people.

Timwill Photography

3.  Don't be discouraged when your man friend scoffs at the idea of three outfit changes. Just make him do it. Chances are, one outfit will be a bust and then you'll have two to fall back on. Unless you're just way more chic and awesome then I am. Then please, give me tips.

Timwill Photography

4. Get creative. I wanted to get a little fancy which typically isn't the norm for an engagement sesh. In the end, I had the best time in my Rent the Runway frock and Will ended up deciding he was going to wear a tux to our wedding after all.

Timwill Photography

5. Listen to your photographer. If something feels weird (like holding hand five feet away from each other, for example), just do it. They know what they're doing and even those silly "serious faces" can end up being your favorite. It's even better when your favorite pictures is also your fiance's favorite. This is our winner of the bunch. It also doesn't hurt when your manfriend is devilishly handsome.

Timwill Photography

6. More than anything, have fun and don't forget to be silly!

More of our pictures can be seen here on Style Me Pretty!

Hermes: Festival des Métiers


This past Sunday I attended the Hermes Festival des Métiers event. Festival des Métiers translates to "Festival of Crafts" and it was just that, very festive and very crafty! The traveling exhibit featured Hermes craftsmen who showcased their incredible talents to the public. We were able to get up close and personal with the man responsible for many a beautiful Birkin, observe how those gorgeous silk scarves are made, and gaze at the amazing workmanship of Hermes knitwear. The exhibit only toured New York, San Francisco and lucky for me, Houston!


The carpet in the tent featured a repetitive motif of the craftsman's tools. 

That's a Birkin in the making!

A little factoid I picked up is that each craftsman is loyal only to one product. The man that makes your Birkin, does not make your wallet. That same mane who makes your Birkin stays with your handbag from start to finish. No assembly lines make for some seriously dedicated quality.

The silk screening tutorial was a favorite to all.

I really got a sense of the intricate detail and concentration it takes to complete an Hermes product. It's a luxury brand for a reason. You're truly paying for the artistic talents of a select group of tradesmen.

A few inspiring shots...

An itty bitty teeny weeny knitwear prototype! I really hope someone gets to put this on a baby. Could you imagine a teeny tiny nugget rocking this frock? I can't. My brain would explode with the excessive adorableness.

Of course, I couldn't leave Hermes without admiring my china pattern of choice. I'm in love with it even more after seeing the care put into it's production.

What is your most admired Hermes good? 

If you want more information about the exhibit, visit here.

Engagement Outfits

one | two | three

I am SO excited and SO nervous about our engagement pictures this Sunday! The curse of our long engagement has resulted in lots of time for advanced planning. That planning has resulted in THREE outfits for our engagement shoot. Am I insane? Maybe. But when can I wear a gold sequined gown ever again? That's what I thought.

More inspiration for our shoot:

01 | 02 | 03
You're just going to have to wait for the rest!

Watson v. Hardwoods

Lookie!! Hardwoods at the man home are dark and lush! Well, almost officially dark and lush. They weren't even dry here and they should be good to go on Saturday. I'm totes excited.

There's only one thing standing in my way when it comes to living in harmony with gorgeous dark hardwoods...

This guy. I'm pretty sure his first order of business will be trying to destroy my joy by going from zero to greyhound speed when he runs and pounces on his bone. There's only one solution. Don't judge me.

Do you have a better idea?

Exiting the Roommate Highway

I have been getting very sentimental as my last weeks of having roommates quickly pass by. It's strange to think that I've been pretty much living with friends for the past eight years of my life. I can hardly imagine what life will be like without having a co-comentator while watching dumb Bravo shows or not having someone there to tell me when my outfit is jacked. Don't get me wrong, I'm giddy thinking about starting the rest of my life with the man person, but it's bittersweet to think that I'll never quite have the same experiences with my best friends as I've had the past eight years. 

I've ended my roommate years in the best way possible and in my favorite living space ever. I haven't really shared any pictures of our house because I've never quite felt like it was "done". Pictures never hung, a hodge podge of accessories, draperies that were too long...but I ended up realizing that's what has made this house our home. The little imperfections that make you feel comfy and cozy in your space. As I leave my favorite home, I love that my very first roommate ever is taking my place and joining my last roommates ever. Don't you love when life comes full circle like that?

So, to all the sweet friends I've lived with, thank you for the amazing memories you've given me in addition to you friendships. I love you all so much. Please come visit me even if there is a stinky boy in the house...and we all know I would never talk that way about Watson.

A Walk Through Chicago

I recently spent my Labor Day laboring through the streets of Chicago. Except not really. I spent most of my time laboring through large cocktails and tacos and a whole bunch of mac and cheese. I was lucky I was able to actually go on a brief stroll through Lincoln Park in attempts to combat the lard that was settling in my body. 

I stumbled across this charming little street (local Chigoans? No clue...) and found lots of fun inspiration from the charming brownstones that make Chicago so swoon worthy. 

I thought the burst of color on these balconies was a fun hello on a particularly gloomy day.

Who doesn't love a little black window action? Me likes. Especially the arched windows and door.

I'm so jealous of people with big bay windows. Such a cozy area for a warm sitting area. Or a lush banquette would be a delightful option for an afternoon cat nap in the window.

 I would paint her. And she would say, "oh muh guuuh, thaaaaanks!"

This sister and brother combo were pretty adorbs. 

And then I came across this.

And got real personal and all up in their bushes.

Have you seen someone take so many pictures of boxwoods? I just love me a manicured hedge. Raawr.

I mean, who has a chevron boxwood garden?!

These people. With impeccable brownstone taste.

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

So, there's something you should know about me...I'm "that" girl. You know, "that" girl who is psycho with a glue gun and actually uses coupons to craft stores and may or may not have spent a week hand painting gifts for my little sister in my sorority. Definitely "that" girl tendencies. Therefore, it has always been obvious to me that I was going to be "that" bride.

More than anything, I love handmade gifts and don't think anything says "you're really important to me" than spending the time to make something with your creativity and your own hands. So, when it came to asking my favorite ladies to be part of my day, I knew I wanted to ask them in a special way.

I've loved the recipe boxes from Rifle Paper Co. for a long time now and wanted to treat my bridesmaids to a similar keepsake. I bought unfinished boxes from Michaels and used nails, chain, and other torture devices to beat the boxes up a bit. I then used a Minwax stain in Dark Walnut to accomplish the dark hue. I spent the next 18 years hand painting the outside of the boxes with Rifle-like florals and used a paint pen to script the girls' names.

On the inside, I came up with little cards asking each girl to be part of my day. I wanted a nod to our wedding location and since we're getting married in Georgia, I opted to use spanish moss as the box filler. All of the girls received little bottles of champagne in honor of Will and I getting engaged at Schramsberg and just generally because champagne makes the world go round. This sweet bridesmaid received a reed diffuser because she lives in Italy and I was worried of a mid-flight champagne combustion.

I also included a card with our wedding date and location, a little lookbook of my bridesmaid dress code of conduct (I told you I was "that" bride...), and finally a who's who of bridesmaids so everyone has a brief meet and greet for those that don't know each other.

My favorite thing from this entire process has been asking each sweet friend to be part of my very special day. I have incredibly emotional and hilarious memories from each girl, including one hysterically crying and convulsing and another asking if a butterfly was going to fly out of the box when she opened it. To be honest, I was kind of upset that I didn't think of the butterfly idea earlier, but, c'est la vie.

In the end, I'm so excited I was able to give a gift to my friends who are giving me the great gift of their support and love during this time in my life. More than anything, I'm glad I went through this little process and realized from start to finish these boxes took me a month. My DIY ambitions have been readjusted and my glue gun is taking a break.

Art Love: Jennifer Latimer & Gilded Mint

Mod Undercurrent

I have a huge art crush on Jennifer Latimer. Like, crazy, wow, I want to lock you up in the basement and make you paint for me all day, kind of crush. Thankfully, her art is accessible enough that I'm not going to have to resort to crazy people tendencies.

I purchased two 11" x 14" canvases from the Mod Undercurrent series (above) and can't wait to get them! The Mr. and I typically don't agree on our idea of art, but he actually liked this series. Wam, bam, thank you ma'am, I'll take two please.

Banff Cascades Garden Spring Series

Gold is a common theme in all of her work. Is that a joke? Gold is a common theme in my life. She's my art soul mate.

An Eye For Formality

And she has lots of pretty blues that make my heart happy. I would love to commission a piece from this series above for the living room in the new house. As you may remember, navy makes my heart squeeze.

Ellie Saab

And for all the fashionista, girlie girls in the world, many of her series are inspired by couture fashion lines. The gorgeous painting below was inspired by the Spring Ellie Saab collection.

Ellie Saab Collection

Makes me really love a little pink.

Missoni & Chanel

 And this pretty princess is inspired by Missoni and Chanel.

Chanel Camellia

 What girl wouldn't love a little Chanel camellia framed in her closet or dressing room? I would. Especially if that means I have a closet with wall space or a dressing room.

Jennifer Latimer

Jennifer is as cute as a button and lives in Charleston, SC. A true southern belle! If you live in the Charleston area, she is available for personal meetings for commissions or you can shoot photos of your space and she can collaborate on a custom piece for you if you live far away.

So, go give her a little love and visit her website, her Etsy shop, her blog, and her Pinterest!

Registering Anxiety

I almost had a full fledged panic attack yesterday. I didn't think that would be possible in one of my most favoritest of favorite stores, but being surrounded by all things china, stemware, linens, and the like, my brain shut down and I couldn't process. I've been giving a lot of thought to registering and I just don't know how I'm going to do it. I've already ripped off the band-aid and registered for kitchen gadgets, but that was painfully easy since it was more of like a "fill-in-the-blanks" of registering. This whole, "pick whatever your little heart desires" part is what has me almost in hives. So I ask, how can you commit to a china pattern and stemware you'll be living with for the rest of your life?!

OK, OK, I'm sure you're all, "whoa, this chick can't commit to a bread plate but she's committing to some guy for the rest of her life?!" Well, the guy was super easy because he's charming, witty, hilarious, and he kisses my forehead and tells me he likes me. No bread plate has ever made me laugh or blush, so how am I supposed to pick one?!

Especially when I want to have dinner parties that look like this...

Style Me Pretty

But then the next weekend, I'm like, I want to be like this...


And then the next weekend (my, I'm very busy!) I want to 'scape my table à la this...

Sitting in a Tree

So how am I supposed to pick just one? Especially when my idea of a plate party looks like this...


And I'm guessing his idea of a rockin' time resembles something a little more woodland creatured...

Michael C. Fina

Don't even get me started on linens. That's really where my brain turned into mush. 

I find it incredibly entertaining that I can so easily determine what bedding, furniture, and drapes our clients need, but I find it numbingly painful to decide what interior goodness I want.

So, tell me, what DO I want? Do I go bold or beige? I'm serious. I need guidance here. Talk me down off of my registry ledge, hug me, and tell me it's all going to be OK, then hand me a glass of wine in a glass that I can't decide if I like or not. Waaaaaah!!

Communal Kitchen Table

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Now that I have a clear-ish idea in my mind about our living room, I'm obviously dreaming about the next big demo project in the house. We're way far out from even thinking logistics about renovating the kitchen but it's definitely something I get butterflies just thinking about. Out of every room in the house, the kitchen/dining combo is the most inefficient space and it makes my heart sad.

Photography by Emily Jenkins Followill

The dining room and the kitchen are separated by a half wall of lower kitchen cabinets which leaves both the kitchen and dining room teensy bitty. Since the room is already connected and deemed a casual eating space, I'm breaking down that evil wall between the two and marrying the two in a beautiful matrimonial ceremony that I can't wait to attend. I'm going to be the flower girl AND the officiant.

Windsor Smith

I want to pull a Windsor Smith and incorporate a loooong (8+ chairs) table down the center of my kitchen and call it a day. Is it a kitchen or a dining room? It's a kitching room. Or a dinchen. Whatever I end up calling it, I know I'm going to like her.

Windsor Smith

And I know I'm going to need some sort marble, clapboard, black french door, fancy light fixture goodness all up in that business.

Tommy Smythe

And maybe I want to throw in a little herringbone for giggles.

Windsor Smith

But mostly, I just want to be as cool as Windsor. Isn't that what we all strive for each day?

La Dolce Vita: Anatomy of a Home - Laundry Room

I'm over at La Dolce Vita again today talking about all things laundry.

I need serious recommendations, people. I will be shopping for a new washer and dryer this weekend and besides Consumer Reports, I have no clue what I'm doing. I've heard I need to go with LG or Whirlpool. Would you not do front loaders? I feel like I need them in my life. Maybe that will satisfy my urge for getting another dog...HELP!

A Pink Rebuttal

I'm sure some of you are familiar with my harsh stance on the color pink from last year. Well, I'm here to say that my opinion has changed. EGHAST! I think it's kind of like when your taste buds changed. But my brain tastes changed. Mostly just in the form of a particular hue of pink, blush. What transformed this harsh criticism of the girliest of girly colors? Blush wedding gowns, that's what.



When I stepped into these two lovelies, my heart pitter pattered and I began to think, pink ain't so bad. And I look gooooood. I ultimately decided against both of these gowns and opted for ivory even though my gown does come in blush. Too bold a move for this deep rooted traditionalist.

I have, however decided to incorporate the gorgeous hue into other aspects of the day.

Pam Scott

Elizabeth Messina


Sheri Bodell
Am I a huge hypocrite? Would you be way braver than me and wear a blush wedding gown? I'm kind of jelly of you if you're that cool.

A Quest With Color

The man and I are starting our brief build-out next month and I have color on the brain. I work with the incredible collection of Farrow & Ball colors each and every day and can tell you 100% what I think you should paint your house. So why is this question of color on my brain? Because I'm an indecisive tard that can't commit, that's why.

Our inspiration for our built-ins in the living room look something like this minus the amazing high ceilings:

Pereira Associates via Lonny Magazine

I love the blue tones of the built-ins but don't think I can commit. This is by no means our forever home and we will probably only be in the house for another five years or so. Would people buy blue? I'm not so convinced. I do, however love the duo-tone of the built ins and can absolutely hop on board that choo choo train.

I'm thinking about the color scheme on these doors...

Steven Gambrel

Those doors are pretty killer. 

I will probably use Pavilion Gray or Lamp Room Gray as the base color.

Pavilion Gray

Lamp Room Gray

These are gross representations of what the colors really looks like. Come into Boxwood and pick up a color card for real color representation.

Then the highlight color would either be Cornforth White or Strong White.

Cornforth White

Strong White

Again, not accurate depictions.

Whatever lighter color I choose, either Cornforth or Strong White, will become my ceiling and wall color. Except, my ceiling will be flossy and glossy like this girl:

Eric Hyman and Max Mutchnick for Elle Decor

Since our space is itty bitty, teeny weeny, it will really help reflect the little natural light we get in the space.

So, there it is. Are you going to think I'm a huge LOOZ for following the white/gray brick road? Or will you be all, "whoa, Lauren, you're supes cool for that glossy ceiling and duo-tone built-in sitch!" Please say the latter.

A Talk About "Fitness"

Let's talk fitness. One of the grossest things I think I could ever talk about. I know most of you probably aren't familiar with my physique or my workout routines. Well, I have no workout routine. My friends regularly make fun of me when I even mention the idea of signing up for a gym membership or going for a "jog". I can say that I've been blessed with a freakishly high metabolism especially considering my love affair with cheeseburgers. However, I realize that metabolism of mine will quickly come to a halt and I need to start thinking about caring for my body for the long haul. Not to mention, I have to wear one of these in 14 short months...

This is NOT my dress despite it's obvious beauty.

So, the time has come for me to torture myself and sign up for a real "body defining" experience instead of taking Watson for a walk around the block and calling it a day. Friends, I walked into a torture chamber yesterday. Where they could have just gassed me and I would have been happy to be put out of my misery. This is the torture chamber I speak of...

Define Body & Mind

Define is a mixture of Pilates, yoga, barre work, and core strengthening. Define. What an appropriate term. I mean, for those who have something to "define". It was depressingly apparent that I don't have a single muscle in my body to actually "define". I shook, I sweat, I bit my lip, and almost passed out.

So, while my body is actually growing real, live muscles inside me for the first time in 26 years, I'm going to stick with it. Because if I can look like some of those toned skinny minnies (show offs, if you ask me) for my wedding, then I guess I'll grin and bear it. And, I need to prove to my "friends" that I can do it. My "friends" who have in the past given me cocktail napkins that say, "when I say the word exercise, I rinse my mouth out with chocolate" and friends who make comments on my facebook status about going to Define like, "you're working out?" Well, "friends", I'll show you!

Cement Tiles As The New Subway Tile?


I'm sure you've stumbled across a subway tile kitchen back splash you've known and loved. Subway tile, to me at least, is becoming a been there, seen that sort of a material. But, as an affordable, appeal to the masses option, you can't get much better. This girl, however, is looking for a little more bing badda bang when it comes to a kitchen back splash, and I think cement tiles are going to give subway tiles a run for their money.

Over the past year, I've seen vintage cement tiles applied in more than one application. In a kitchen, in bars, and on a powder bathroom floor...the possibilities are endless. I really love these tiles because it achieves the graphic nature of some of the newest textiles, but still gives you that vintage French feel which I've long been a sucker for. And that, my friends, is when I realized my past and present got married and gave birth to a little bitty cement tile and that's the most successful procreation I've ever encountered. Well, besides Victoria and David Beckham. They're good at the procreation, too.

Here is an example of cement tile from Chateau Domingue used just as the backsplash behind the stove. This home was on the market here in Houston for some time and I always remember pulling up the listing and recognizing that gorgeous tile.

We've seen a lot of big, bold patterns in home and fashion textiles over the past few years and they don't seem to be getting anymore subtle. The colors in these tiles are subtle enough that they don't distract from the kitchen, but they're graphic enough that you keep looking around at other details. Magicalness.

Metiendo Vivendum
Here, the tile is used as flooring. Which makes me cry with joy.

Metiendo Vivendum

Because it's joyful what is happening here. I would prefer to actually sit on the floor in this dining nook. As close to the beauty as I possibly could.

Cement Tiles USA

And if you can't find this old luxury, you can always buy new...and I guess still incorporate a little subway tile into the equation too. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Itty Bitty Living Space

Via Aladdin

I'll be moving soon. To what I would like to consider the equivalent of the Genie's magic lamp. And basically the trickiest living room layout to ever exist...and I do this for a living, people.

I'll also be merging furniture with a mister. Thankfully, these pictures do not reflect any of Will's furnishings as these were the listing photos when Will bought the house.  

The living room has five door openings and a large bank of windows. Leaving me completely and utterly confused about how I'm going to remedy this situation. I'm really wanting to close up that door opening that leads into the kitchen, but the flow from living room to kitchen for a cocktail refill is a flow that is mighty important to this gal and guy team.

Clearly this living room layout was not working. On any level. Ever. But now, I completely understand their confusion. Because there is NO symmetry in this room which completely throws off my chi, harmony, sense of self, etc.
Everything Just Pure Lovely
So, to stop the nightmares, I've been doing my research. This layout is kind of how I have Will's living room all laid out right now. Furniture right when you walk in the room and I'm not sure how I'm feeling it. Especially because there's about seven feet of empty space behind where this sofa is. Which is FANTASTIC for dance parties, but not so much for utilizing the space to its fullest.


This little lassie intrigues me by how they have positioned the chairs. Clearly a pair, but offset, utilizing that tricky corner to the max.

Amy Meier

I'm now thinking I need two sofas. Because the man and I, we have friends. And we need a place for our friends to sit. Logistics, really. I can also tell I love these Schumacher Betwixt chairs. This living room has optimum seating capacity totaling ten (I like to four up on a sofa for cuddle sessions). Plus, it will give the room some serious symmetry in a room full of symmetry-less.

Decor Pad

I also really need to brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint and I plan on using a jazzy shade of white like Farrow & Ball's Strong White. I also need to skim coat every surface of this house. Another topic, another frustration, another blog post.

Ashley Goforth

This situation is what I've been thinking about the most. The sofas are slightly offset, which would work famously for the offset wall and for the large wall of windows facing the front yard. We have no fireplace, just like this room, and will need a place for Will's Fiat sized TV.

Pereira Associates

Playing off the facing sofa layout, I also desperately need storage. Apparently people in the 1950s only owned five shirts, three pots, one pan, and no crap. I, on the other hand, have lots of the crap. And crap that I really can't part with. Therefore, I'm thinking I need to build some bookshelves and maybe some secret storage on the bottom.

Jamie Mears

And to top it all off, I've decided that we need a place to eat in this room. Because if you read my post on Paloma's blog, you know that I eat dinner in front of the TV. I would like to eat semi-dignifiedly (that's a word) and maybe create a dining scenario in our living scenario.

So, there you have it. The biggest question mark to ever face my life. Now, go. Go and draw me the perfect living room layout. The universe will reward you for your good deed.

Admitting You Have a Problem Is The First Step...

...and friends, I have a problem. I am addicted to Pinterest. I would like to say it's affecting my relationships, and it is, but only positively.

I mean, I'm becoming a better chef...


my nails are cuter colors...


my hair is getting all sorts of creative....


and my wedding, well, my wedding board is out. of. hand.

Is it normal to have 582 (and counting) ideas for one event? Mind you, an event that will be taking place in 450 days? I keep saying that I have no idea how brides planned a wedding before Pinterest but it sure does make things confusing for an indecisive bride. Can't I just have 4 different weddings? Mom?

What is your favorite use for Pinterest? Send me your link and I'll follow you!

La Dolce Vita: Anatomy of a Home - Breakfast Room

Tobi Tobin, Lonny Magazine

 Since I last deserted you, my loyal stalkers, I've started a series over at La Dolce Vita with the sweet Paloma Contreras. I'm blogging about each room in the house and little tips (really just jokes) on how to make a house a home. This week I'm blogging about breakfast rooms. But read my back articles about the foyer, kitchen, dining, powder bath and formal living room.